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How to add widget to your website
How to add widget to your website

Share your stories in a great looking widgets everywhere with a single line of code.

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How to add widget to your website?

To easily share widget, you need to click on the sharing icon:

Once you click on the Share icon, there will be a two pieces of code displayed, like in the example below.

If you're adding widgets for the first time, you would first need to add Widget Definition code, like shown below:

Widget definition code is added ONLY ONCE and is the same for all widgets you create under the same account.

Once the widget definition code is added you can add widget embed code, that is unique to each widget and has to be added with every new widget you create.
All you need to do is to place this code in a place where you want widget with stories to show up. If you are not sure how to do this, we'll be happy to help you!
The code will stay the same no matter the edits you make to an already created widget.

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