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How to see detailed analytics for each story?
How to see detailed analytics for each story?

Find out how your story is performing to get conclusions and improve for more engagement

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StorifyMe offers detailed analytics for each of your stories to take an in-depth look at how users react to it and see where there is a place for improvement.

Detailed story insights can be accessed at the end of the Insights section by clicking See details.

All of the insights can be tracked in a specific date range to fit your report needs and allow you to make data-driven decisions.

Story performance details allow you to check how much engagement each of the story slides (frames) brought by giving insight into how many slides are watched and how much time users spend on each of the slides.

You can also track sessions by device and by country in the selected time range.

Number of views - total number of specific story views
Number of slide views - total number of slide views inside one specific story
Number of CTA clicks - total number of times the Call To Action button has been clicked
Average story depth - Percentage of how many slides are seen on average (ie. if the story has 8 slides and 4 of them are seen, depth will be 50%, if all of them are seen 100%...)
Average time on the story - Total number of time spent on a specific story divided by the total number of users
Unique users - Total number of different users who have seen a specific story.

You can also see a detailed report on how your visitors engaged with your elements within each story, as shown below:

If you have any other questions regarding Insights reading and configuration, please ping us in chat or contact us! ❤️

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