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Can I tag a product on slide?
Can I tag a product on slide?

Easy way to initiate shopping by tagging products with name and price and linking them to product page

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Tagging products on story slides makes them instantly shoppable just by clicking the product that is marked with tag. Tag show item name and price and is linked with product landing page.

You can tag as much products on a slide as you like - just mark tag icon above slide and place the crossing arrow on a desired product.

When you find the perfect location for a tag, you can enter product URL to find it or search it by name, like on the example below:

When you find type in desired item link, wait for a couple of seconds for it to be found and then enter link for a landing page where you want your tag to lead them.

After you save all the details, you'll see tag showing right where you put it. That's it!

If you have any other questions regarding StorifyMe and tagging, feel free to ping us in chat or contact us! ❤️

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