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How to submit stories sitemap.xml to the Google Search Console.
How to submit stories sitemap.xml to the Google Search Console.

Submitting sitemap.xml with AMP Stories to the Google Search Console.

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Hi there, we're thrilled to have you as part of our StorifyMe community.

One of the key features of our platform is to help you get your valuable content indexed by Google.

Why is this important?

It means greater visibility for your stories, increased traffic, and ultimately, a growth in your customer base and brand awareness.

Let's get started with our step-by-step guide on indexing your stories and shorts in Google!

Step 1: Access Your StorifyMe Account

Please log into your StorifyMe account and navigate your way to the settings. You can find this at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Enter the Account Section

Once you're in the settings, please proceed to the account section.

Step 3: Locate Your Sitemap.xml Link

Within the account section, you'll find a sitemap.xml link. This is a crucial element that you'll need for the next steps.

Step 4: Sign into Google Search Console

You're halfway there! Now, sign into your Google Search Console. If you don't have an account, it's straightforward to create one.

Step 5: Select Your Website

Once you're signed in, select the website you're looking to index.

Step 6: Navigate to the Sitemap Section

Find and click on 'Sitemap' from the left sidebar.

Step 7: Enter Your Sitemap URL

Now, you need to add the sitemap.xml URL that you previously copied from your StorifyMe settings. It should look something like this:

Step 8: Submit Your Sitemap

Click 'Submit' and you're all set!

Congratulations! You've successfully submitted your sitemap to Google. This is a significant step towards expanding your reach and growing your brand.

Remember, StorifyMe is here for you every step of the way, whether you're looking to inspire your audience with dynamic and personalized stories, convert leads into loyal users, or grow your customer base.

If you have any other questions regarding basic configuration, feel free to ping us in chat or contact us! ❤️

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