Having stories like mobile experiences is so native inside apps.

That is why StorifyMe now seamlessly integrates with Vajro.

Vajro is the most installed mobile app builder in Shopify that allows you to build completely customizable, native iOS and Android apps for your Shopify store to increase sales, drive engagement, and build a brand your customers will love.

How to enable this integration:

Step 1:

Inside StorifyMe app click on the icon at the bottom left, and go to the Settings.

Step 2:

Click the button button that says "Generate new API Key" under the API Access section. Copy the Account ID & new API key that has been generated.

Step 3:

Go to the Integrations section on your Vajro admin dashboard. Click on View Collection button & find StorifyMe under the Others category.

Step 4:

Paste the Account ID and API key, and click on Save & Enable Now

Step 5:

Inside your StorifyMe app, enter the Widgets section & click on “Create a widget”.

In this case, the new widget will represent the section that will show highlighted stories section inside your app.

widget creation

Step 6:

Customize widget by giving it a title, changing colors & adding stories you want customers to see inside your app. Save widget by scrolling down to the page and clicking “Create widget”.

Pro tip: You can create separate stories that will be just inside your app (discount, promotions, loyalty coupons, etc) and mark them with an “app” tag so you can later find & select them easily.

Step 7:

Once the widget is created, you should place it inside your app. To do this, navigate through share your widget section (see example).

Step 8:

You’ll get Widget embed code, but you don’t need the whole script. Copy just the 4-digits number from the script. (see example).

Step 9:

Now head over to your Vajro dashboard and go to Customize Content page. Next to Home screen click "+" and select StorifyMe from the list.

Step 10:

The section is hidden by default, so for the real time preview, you need to enter section settings and enable widget to bee seen.

Step 11:

You should give the stories-like section a cool title and paste the widget ID from the StorifyMe (4-digits number we got before).

Step 12:

Click on Sync Stories after you paste the code, and you should see the stories section live being displayed on your home screen.

And that’s it! You now have mobile-first stories inside your mobile app!

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