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How to use stories for my marketing campaigns?
How to use stories for my marketing campaigns?
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One of the use cases for stunning stories is to create dynamic landing pages for your marketing campaigns. What better way to test your message than by creating a dynamic story with no help from developers from your team?!

Let's tell you more about how you can create stunning landing pages, share it across your marketing channels and analyze the results.

1. Create a landing story

Navigate to Stories and click on Create a Story

2. Pick a template or start creating from scratch.

Make sure to meet all requirements of a highly converting landing page: clear message and value proposition, featured product or service, price and a CTA

You can also tell a story and warm up your leads before converting them.

3. Once you're happy with your stories, click on Share and then Publish Story.

You will be redirected to the Story Publish screen. First thing you'll need to do is to toggle the Published Status, then optimize your story for SEO , check the author name and proxy url.
After you're done with Configuration you can move on to setting up Posters. Posters are featured images of your story - a preview that will show wherever you send a link (SMS, for example).
Your third step is enabling or disabling resharing of your story. Generally speaking, if you want to test your landing story with a control group you'd want this feature to be turned off. If you want your audience to be able to reshare it with their peers, you would want to enable the resharing option.

Once you're all set - click Save.

You will be rederected to the Share dialog popup, where you will get a unique link to your story. Use that link in any of your marketing campaigns (paid, social, email, sms) and start measuring the results!

4. Start measuring results

Go to Stories - Analytics, where you will see all insights of all of your stories combined or be able to dig into details for each story.

Analyze the results, make edits and improve your conversion rates!

If you have any questions, we are here to help!

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