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Customize how stories show on your website
Customize how stories show on your website
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If you want stories to appear on your website or your app, you will first need to create a widget. In StorifyMe, we call widgets story players - because that's exactly what they are. You can have multiple widgets on your website or within your app, on any placement you choose.

More on how to create a widget can be found here.

When you create a widget you can customize how it shows on your website.
Go to the widget editor, where you can further customize your widget.


  1. Your first step in customization is setting up tags for widget - Tags provide details about the story and make it easy to locate related items that have the same tag. In example, you can choose to show only stories with tags that are currently relevant to your offer, and not show the ones with products that are out of stock or similar.

  1. Order by - Here you can choose how you want your stories to be shown within a widget: order by published stories new to old or old to new, Story updated old to new or new to old, or by story name, alphabetically.

Style your widget

  1. Background - Pick a background color of your widget and customize the size of it.

  2. Widget Title - Customize how widget name will look like: pick font size, color, padding and do you want Widget name to be centralized, left or right-aligned.

Widget Border - choose the border width, color and radius.

Configuration - Widget settings

  1. Widget Type - We offer three different types of stories preview Carousel Square, Carousel Circle and Single Story. Carousel Square show story thumbnails in a square (similar to Facebook stories) and Carousel Circle in circles (similar to Instagram stories). Single story is shown as a preview of the story. Below you'll see an example of Carousel Circle.

  2. Widget title is text that is displayed below Name. You can choose to show text or to leave only name. Tip: This section can be used to attract customers to watch your stories so you can get them in the loop for making a purchase at the end.

Circle widget example

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