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How to add Featured Stories to your website or app?
How to add Featured Stories to your website or app?
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To publish stories as featured you should go to the StorifyMe editor and find My Stories section. After you choose which stories you want to point out, click Publish button and go to the Publish tab.

When you are ready to publish your story, change the story status from Private to Published.

Publishing your first story? Read How to publish a story.

Right after that, we will ask you if you want to mark your stories as featured, where you can choose if you want to schedule them to be featured or feature them immediately.

If you want to schedule feature stories on a specific date and time click on Schedule to be featured and choose the time that works the best for you.

Now, when you mark stories as featured you can customize how you want them to appear on your app or website.

πŸ’‘BONUS TIP - Style Featured Stories:
In the Widget Section, under the Story Style, you can customize how you want the featured stories to appear in the widget. Change the look, add a border or label for additional highlighting, and many other things.

Read more about What are featured stories.

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