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How to connect Google Ad Manager and your StorifyMe Account?
How to connect Google Ad Manager and your StorifyMe Account?
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To connect Google Ad Services with the StorifyMe account go to your StorifyMe Account and find the Integration part. Find Google Ad Manager, Google Ad Sense, or Google Ad Mob and click the Activate button.

Open your Ad Manager account, copy the account unit path, and place it to StorifyMe Google Ad Manager Integration.

After your changes are saved, go to the Monetization section and Settings to choose Ads Provider.

Now, you can set up the frequency and dynamic of how and when you want your ad to be seen.

In the first blank section Start ads at set up the number of story slides after you want your ads to appear.

In the Frequency part choose how often you want your ad to appear. Regarding these settings, your ad will be shown after every 3 slides.

The last part, Ads per session stands for the maximum of ads a user can see when opening your stories.

After you save your updates, go to Ads Customatization to style the appearance of your ads. In the Ad Bage Label, you can set and customize label text that will appear in the top right corner of your Ads. Here you can choose the label text color, and label background color or set it to be transparent.

Besides that, in this part, you can enable users to skip ads manually by tapping or to choose ads auto advance which represents how many seconds your ad will last before auto-advance skipping.

To enable the Monetization feature for your account please contact our support team.

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