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How to enable Snaps on your StorifyMe account?
How to enable Snaps on your StorifyMe account?
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To get Snaps added to your account, you have to contact our support at and we’ll hook you up. You will be able to see the Snaps icon on the sidebar of the app.

Also, that option will be enabled for your users on your platforms. You just have to integrate it into your app and don’t need to have any prior coding experience.

It will be a new feature in your app or website. That way your audience will be able to create stories that will afterwards show up in your Moderation Panel on your account.

And don’t worry — no snap will be published unless you have approved of it in the Moderation Panel as we’ll explain in the text below.

How to Publish a Snap?

In the Snaps section of the StorifyMe App, your end-users' stories — snaps will be shown, like in the example above.

From there you can then choose to edit or publish the story as your customers have created them.

By clicking on the Publish button you’ll be able to share the snap on your preferred platform like any other type of story.

We hope that this was helpful. If you have any other questions — don’t hesitate to reach out!

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