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Get to Know the StorifyMe Assistant
Get to Know the StorifyMe Assistant
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What is the StorifyMe Assistant?

The StorifyMe Assistant is a feature that can help you create stories with ease. You can describe to the Assistant what you want your story to be about or just provide it with a URL.

And how to do that? Keep on reading.

How to Get Started With The StorifyMe Assistant

Firstly, you need to get hooked up with this amazing feature. You can do that by contacting us at and we will enable the Assistant on your account.

Then, the StorifyMe Assistant will be there to help you with your creativity while you’re making stories, and in every task, it will be — your assistant.

StorifyMe can assist you in making stories from scratch:

When you click on the ‘’Create with StorifyMe Assistant’’ option, a side window will pop up.

There you will have the options to name your story, choose the language, add tags, and additionally, the Assistant-related options — to add a description for the story that you want to make or to provide it with a URL, and the number of slides you want to be generated.

Make sure that the description is specific enough, you will be allowed to use 500 characters for that.

From there, your Assistant will get on with it and successfully make the set of story slides.

We are proud to present you with this feature and we’re constantly working on it and will be improving it to support Ads and Shorts.

We hope that this was helpful and if you have any other questions reach out to us!

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