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How to add product carousels in stories?
How to add product carousels in stories?
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Product Carousels are sets of rotating product tags shown in stories and shorts. These product tags transform regular Stories and Shorts into a Shoppable experience and make it easier for users to finish shopping in the story.

To add a Product Carousel to your story, go to your account and start with the Story or Short creation process. Click on the Engage tab in the left sidebar menu, and pick the Product Carousel element.

Once you add an element to your story, click on a New Product card to edit and connect a product with it. You can find products by URL or name. After that, your product will appear automatically with all the details from your eComm platform.

You can add as many products as you want, but we suggest to keep it around 4-5.

After you finish adding each product to the Product Carousel, don’t forget to save it.

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