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How to create widget?
How to create widget?

Creating a new widget and configuring the way stories should look, how should they behave and which stories should be visible is now simple.

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In this guide, we will walk you through the process of creating and customizing widgets for your stories using StorifyMe. Whether you are a business owner, a product manager, or a marketing professional, StorifyMe offers an all-in-one solution to inspire, grow, and retain your customer base.

Step 1: Creating a New Widget

  • Log into your StorifyMe account, and navigate to "Stories" where you will find the "Widgets" tab.

  • Click on "+Create widget" to begin the process.

  • Name your widget in a way that clearly signifies what kind of stories it will contain. This will ensure that your team can easily understand and manage the widgets.

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Step 2: Customizing Your Widget

Once you have created a widget, you will be redirected to the widget editor for further customization. Here's a rundown of all the customization options available.

Tagging Your Widget

The first step in customization is setting up tags for your widget. The tags will provide details about the story and make it easier to locate related stories with the same tag. For example, you can choose to show only stories with tags that are currently relevant to your offer, and not show the ones with products that are out of stock or similar.

Ordering Your Stories

You can also choose how you want your stories to be displayed within a widget. The options include:

  • Order by newly published stories to old.

  • Order by old to new stories.

  • Order by story name, alphabetically.

Styling Your Widget

StorifyMe offers a variety of styling options to match your brand identity. Let’s see what each of these could be used for:

  • Widget Background: Pick a background color and customize the size of your widget.

  • Widget Title: Customize the appearance of the widget name by adjusting the font size, color, padding, and alignment.

  • Widget Border: Choose the border width, color, and radius.

Step 3: Configuration - Widget Settings

StorifyMe offers two different types of widgets:

  • Carousel,

  • and Single Story.

Carousel displays multiple stories, while Single story displays only one story.

  • Widget Type: Configure the widget type based on your requirement.

  • Widget Title: This is the text displayed below the widget name.

This section can be used to attract customers to watch your stories and engage them in making a purchase.

Once your widget is set up, you can easily edit, delete or share it. You can also create different types of widgets and choose to embed the ones that fit your current needs.

Widget example

Remember, StorifyMe is here to help you inspire and engage your audience through dynamic and personalized stories. Go ahead, start creating your first widget now and skyrocket your user engagement with StorifyMe's all-in-one solution.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please visit our Help Center or contact us directly. We are here to help!

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