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How to embed your Web Stories in Webflow
How to embed your Web Stories in Webflow

How to add or embed StorifyMe Web stories in web builder Webflow

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This article should help you to quickly and easy embed a StorifyMe widget with web stories on your Webflow based website.

What is StorifyMe?

StorifyMe is an all in one platform used to create, personalize, publish and monitor Web Stories.

It allows users to create immersive mobile-first experiences with media-rich and interactive elements like quizzes, polls, gifs...

Webflow on the other hand has a mission is to empower designers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs to create for the web. Their main belief is that everyone should have the power to create for the web and build whatever they like, without sacrificing flexibility.

This is why integration between Webflow and StorifyMe is a natural one.

How to integrate Web Stories widget inside your Webflow website?

Before we begin.

  1. Please make sure to log in to your StorifyMe account

  2. Create a widget and get the embed code from your widget sharing details page.

3. Go to stories - widgets and In the list of all widgets, click on the share icon

4. If you're adding a widget for the first time make sure to add the Widget Definition Code at the bottom of the <head> element:

This code is added only once, and is the same for all widgets you create.

5. If you already added widget definition code, it's time to add Widget embedded code, a piece of code unique to every widget.

Once you have the code, login to your Webflow account and navigate to your website edit view.

1. From the left main menu, click the + plus icon to ‘Add element’

2. From the left side “Components” menu, choose the Embed code option and drag/drop it to the section in the editor where you want the Web stories to appear.

3. In the input field, paste your widget code and click “Save”

That's it. The StorifyMe Web stories should be immediately shown on your Webflow page.

Please note that to enable the custom code option in Webflow you will need to upgrade your Webflow account. For more details on how to insert custom code in Webflow, check the official tutorial.

If you have any other questions regarding basic configuration, feel free to ping us in chat or contact us! ❤️

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