Welcome onboard, we're happy to have you here! To start with stories and make your creation process easier we have conducted basic configuration setup to help you achieve more with StorifyMe.

1. Create your brand

After you created account, you should configure personal or company brand that can help you with keeping brand recognizable in stories too. Learn more here

2. Configure custom domain

Domain configuration is available under Account Settings - Account - Custom domain
Add your domain and save.

3. Submit sitemap to Google

Sitemap XML is available under Account Settings - Account - Links

Go to your Google account Search Console and navigate to Sitemaps. Copy the link from the Sitemap XML file found in your StorifyMe account, paste it into Search Console and that's it.

4. Invite teammates

Under your account details you can find card called users and invite your colleagues to work on stories together. Learn more here

If you have any other questions regarding basic configuration, feel free to ping us in chat or contact us! ❤️

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